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New Zealand Business Telephones is a New Zealand owned company that specializes in helping businesses with their telecommunications needs. We service installed PABXs and sell / install new PABX systems, VoIP Solutions, Voice Recording Solutions, Wireless Systems, VoIP products and have a large selection of headsets and desk phones.


New Zealand Business Telephones is dedicated to the delivery of customer excellence in all areas of Telecommunication Sales and Technical Support,  and has a philosophy of nurturing long term relationships with our customers.


With representatives in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga,  Wellington, West Coast, Christchurch, Dunedin, we have the ability to service clients through out New Zealand.

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New Zealand Business Telephones is a New Zealand owned and operated company specialising in consultation, design, and implementation of technology products for New Zealand businesses.

Please Contact Us if you need to discuss a Solution with us and we can organise one of our representatives to Contact You.

Our Online Store is Available for you to purchase our General Equipment online

At New Zealand Business Telephones we have put our customers at the heart of our strategy, creating intimate working relationships through a detailed understanding of their business.​

Many of the products and services we provide are typically tightly integrated into our customers’ operational activity.

A deep understanding of the ways in which our services are used, how they contribute to the success of their business (and therefore to ours), and how they might be developed to generate additional value is one of the ways in which we differentiate ourselves.

New Zealand Business Telephones provides a complete range of products and services that include:

  • VoIP Solutions

  • telecommunications service

  • Voice Recording

  • Wireless Voice Solutions

  • Voice-mail systems with unified email notifications

  • High powered long range cordless telephones

  • Call monitoring/billing software

  • VoIP Phones

  • VoIP Paging Solutions

  • Wi-Fi Network Solutions​ 

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